After signatures, only fax applications possible
Application for exhibitor badges By March 20, 2020
Delivery of exhibitor directory
Delivery of free parking passes
Exhibitor booth signage / Company name for status board
Report status of individual booth assembly
Bonded exhibit declaration form
Heavy-goods declaration application
Dangerous-goods declaration application
Additional/optional facility use payment
Application for off-hour facility use If necessary during booth assembly and setup
Application for booth de-assembly and removal By April 5, 2020
Request of overpayment of exhibitor fees Until April 5, 2020
Booth Setup Individual booth/Assembly booth March 31, 2020 ~ April 1, 2020
Exhibitor Equipment Setup Individual booth exhibitor list March 31, 2020 ~ April 1, 2020
Individual booth exhibitor list By April 1, 2020
De-assembly of Booth By April 5, 2020
Removing Exhibitor Equipment By April 5, 2020